Our Mission

The mission of University Preparatory Academy-Palm Beach is to provide students with the academic, leadership and social skills that will enable them to attend and graduate from an institution of higher education.

Enrollment Process

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At University Preparatory Academy, we commit to working as hard as we can to provide a safe and engaging learning environment for your students. Our teachers will go above and beyond in providing your child with what they will need to succeed. UPA does whatever it takes to give our scholars the highest quality of education. We offer an extended school day which allows 120 minutes of Reading instruction daily, and 90 minutes of Math instruction daily. We also offer Saturday School, free of charge, twice per month.

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Student Application/ Lottery

Admission of Students

The schools operated by the organization are a public charter schools which receive

their Charters from the local school district, and as such, complies with all applicable

requirements of state law and the public school system as well as their Charters. As

such, we must admit all students based on space availability. Prior to enrollment we

encourage families to visit and tour the school to ensure the educational model

employed at University Preparatory Academy is a good fit for the family. All students

will have an equal chance of being accepted to the school through a lottery process, as

described below:

(4.1.1) Lottery Procedures

As per Florida Statute 1002.33, a lottery will be conducted at each grade level. All

lotteries will be conducted in a manner that ensures each eligible student receives an

equal chance of being selected. Applications will be selected in random order until all

applications have been ordered. In order (with consideration of any applicable

preference), applicants will be offered admission until all seats have been filled. The

remaining students' names will be placed on an ordered waiting list in which their name

was selected.