UPA is full of students with tremendous potential and big hearts. One of our students, Luicita, has been hard at work making personal sacrifices to ensure her fellow students and teachers have the support they need in the coming school year. Luicita, made a personal decision to sell many of her toys in order to raise money to donate backpacks and school supplies to our school. Luicita's mom stated this was Luicita made on her own after realizing she simply wanted to give back after being given so much by her parents. In all, Luicita donated nearly 140 backpacks with supplies, with each bag totaling more than a $40 value. In addition to backpacks, Luicita also donated over 20 bags of teacher supplies to help ensure teachers would have additional material when the school year starts back up.

In addition to selling her toys for raising the funds, Luicita also received support and donations from her Facebook Group called Wishlist Gifting and Contributions, a group of supporters she has called upon to help with charitable projects. Lucita also received additional support from Staples after a store employee, Joe, learned of her efforts to give back to her school. Luicita, we thank you so much for your generous donation and for having a heart that is so willing to give. You are truly a UPA point of pride! We are so glad you are a part of our school family.

As part of a school fundraiser, backpacks and supplies (a $40 value) may be purchased at our school office for only $10. Please contact the school for additional information.