Tips for Purchasing School Uniforms

At UPA we strive to create a positive and safe school environment where expectations are high and respect is promoted for all. School uniforms play a critical role toward helping us create that environment. We also recognize that school uniforms are an investment made by parents and this is why we have partnered with Harris School Uniforms to provide high quality uniforms at a competitive rate. As a courtesy to our parents, UPA is purchashing the first shirt for all of our students. Just let Harris School Uniforms know you are from UPA and you would like to claim your first free shirt. Free shirts are limited to one shirt per student. We would also like to share the tips below to help you with making your uniform purchases.

  1. Shop early and spread out the cost: When uniform purchases are saved for the last minute it can make the cost seem overwhelming, particularly if you have multiple students or need to purchase other school supplies as well. Buying a few uniform pieces throughout the summer will help spread the cost out rather than waiting until school starts back. 

  2. Don't buy a uniform for each day of the week. Purchasing a high-quality uniform for each day of the week can be costly. Instead, purchase 2-3 uniforms per quarter or semester of school. Our uniforms are made of quality materials and are able to withstand multiple wash cycles without losing their integrity. 

  3. Save uniforms for older siblings. One benfit to having multiple students in uniforms is the cost will decreas with subsequent years as you are able to pass down uniforms from older siblings to younger ones. 

  4. Consider donating clean, gently used, uniforms to the school that can be shared with other families in the school community. High quality uniforms can last a long time if they are properly cared for. If you are able to obtain even some used uniform pieces from other school families it will help save on the cost. 

  5. Save during Sales Tax Holiday. Each year the state of Florida observes a Sales Tax Holiday. This year's holiday will be July 25, 2022 - August 7, 2022. This two week period is established to help parent save on the cost of back to school supplies, which includes uniforms. 

School uniforms are an important part of the school culture we are promting at UPA. We kindly ask for support from our families by investing in the environment we are partnering with you to create. During the 2022-2023 school year, each student will need to be in proper school uniform. To learn more about our uniform policy, please see the link below. 

2022-2023 School Uniform Policy