UPA will once again be celebrating Spirit Week, October 5th - 9th. Dressing up will be allowed for both virtual and brick and mortar students. Enjoy a week of dressing down to show your school spirit. Below is a description of each day:

  • Monday, October 5th: Sports Day - Represent your favorite sports team by dressing up in your teams attire, jersey, cap, logo, etc. Rivalries welcome!

  • Tuesday, October 6th: Look-Alike Day - A fun day to twin with your bestie. Remote twins allowed!

  • Wednesday, October 7th: Wacky Day - Come dressed up in your tackiest attire. The one day, its ok to look your worst. 

  • Thursday, October 8th: Time Travel Day - We take a time machine back to the past. Wear clothing from your favorite decade. 

  • Friday, October 9th: Dress for Success Day - Been looking for a reason to wear your favorite tux, business suit, or future career. This will be your day to shine.